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Ontario’s welcoming cities and stunning landscapes are yours to discover.

Open your arms to the pulse of Ontario's vibrant cities, the coziness of charming towns and the soundscape of a vast wilderness. It’s all closer than you think, but far from your everyday.  

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6 of the best places to stay in Ontario

Home to Canada’s capital, the country’s biggest metropolis Toronto, wine country, and Niagara Falls, Ontario has a lot to offer travelers. That includes lodging: Stately grand hotels, serene country estates, urban tower suites, cozy inns, and trendy boutique properties. Don’t miss a chance to stay at the very best.


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Discover the unexpected in Mississauga through its dynamic neighborhoods, lush parks, and a tantalizing array of culinary experiences.



It's like nowhere else in the world. Feel the thunder at the Falls, sip and savour along the Wine Route, dine with culinary stars, and discover the country's most charming towns. It's where beauty and adventure await.


Discover all of Canada in its capital. It's a place to get away, get together and feel part of something big. Come marvel at the sites, immerse yourself in culture, indulge in shopping, dining, and entertainment, and delight in the great outdoors.


The views are different in Canada's largest and most exciting urban centre. It's a city where all flavours are welcome, where beauty has many faces. It's a city that inspires innovators, adventurers and storytellers. What will your story be?

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Explore and discover the country you call home. Click a province, territory or city to find out more.

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